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Maximise your land value with Dual Living/Occupancy

Immanuel Homes have decades experience in duplex projects. By replacing your old home with two new ones in the existing land space you will not only maximise the value of your land, you can also create a new source of cash flow from your new adjoining property.

Also known as multi-dwellings and duplexes they are an amazing way of proving a great solution for maximising your properties value. By having two homes on the one land block you will always be maximising land usage whilst creating an new investment opportunities

Duplex Designs Melbourne
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Our range of Duplex options

We provide an amazing range of quality duplex and Dual Living designs, meaning you’re sure to find the perfect Duplex option for your land & location.

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Immanuel Homes Duplex builders will work with you to determine which Duplex project design will best meet the restrictions imposed by your location. Whether you’re an empty nester looking for some extra income or two families wanting to save money by living together Duplex home designs could be the solution that is a perfect fit for you.

Duplex Home Builders in Melbourne

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